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EAGTAC adopts current regulated high efficiency circuit to manage current that goes through the LED.

High output that you can count on

This circuit survives the toughest torture environment including: 1) repeatedly over-night burn-in test, 2) over input voltage test, 3) over-driven output current test, and 4) high temperature oven test.

We designed this circuit to offer extreme output performance, while maintaining reasonable amount of headroom. Thus making this flashlight one of the top performer with a rock stable circuit design.

Excellent runtime and flat regulation

D25A runs for 150+ hours on its lowest brightness level. The current regulated circuit design allows constant output throughout its runtime for all output levels without PWM-flicking.

At highest brightness level, D25A current regulates for 1.3 hours using a single Sanyo Eneloop AA battery.

The current regulation control method allows the just right of amount of current going through the LED. This results in constant brightness output regardless of battery type, LED variation, and temperature change.

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