d_series th

Reliability that you can count on

We design this circuit to survive the toughest torture environment including: 1) repeatedly over-night burn-in test w/ minimal cooling, 2) over input voltage test of up to 13.5V, 3) over-driven output current test of up to 4A, and 4) high temperature bake test.

Our experienced electronic engineers ensure all components are working at its maximum efficiency and highest stability with the optimally planned and implemented circuit pcb layout. All chosen electrical components in this circuit design have good amount of headroom to ensure high stability in long term usage.

Excellent runtime & efficiency

We use highly precise operating amplifier with very low offset voltage to control the output current. This allows GX25A3 to run for 100+ hours on its lowest brightness level and constant regulate all output levels without LED flicking.

At its highest brightness output, GX25A3 runs for 1.3 hour using two standard eneloop batteries with energy saving feature enabled. More runtime can be obtained when you use higher capacity batteries.

We strive to offer the brightest and the most efficient flashlight in the market regardless of added cost. Professional reviewers found our lights to be one of the brightest with their integrated sphere and lux meter. They typically report up to 20%-30% more runtime than other competitors during their runtime test. We always believe performance and function come before fancy appearance.