Technical Specifications


Head Dia.
2.5 inches (63 mm)
Body Dia.
1.6 inch (41 mm)
6.5 inches (165 mm)
12.1 ounces (345 grams)1

Battery Type

  • 4xCR123A, or 2x18650 li-ion2
  • Compatible battery diameter/length
    • 123A: (16-16.8mm/34-34.5mm)
    • 18650: (18-18.8mm/65-68.5mm)
  • Read battery safety precaution

Operating voltage

  • 2.7V - 12V

What's included

  • Stainless steel bezel (removable)
  • ET-52 Diffuser Filter
  • Spare O-rings
  • Battery magazine for two CR123A (x2)
  • User manual
  • Heavy duty nylon holsterw/ flip
  • Mil-Spec paracord lanyard w/ quick attachment clip

Optional kit

  • YRGB kit
    • Yellow Filter, Red Filter, Blue Filter, Green Filter

Upgrade/replacement parts

  • Replacement:
    • Lens
    • Tail-cap


Cool White:

  • Single CREE XM-L2 U2 LED
  • Triple CREE XM-L2 U2 LED
  • Also available in triple XP-G2 now!

  • more LED options below

Max output

  • Single CREE XM-L2 U2:
    • LED lumen: 1200
    • ANSI FL-14 lumen: 1020
  • Triple CREE XM-L2 U2:
    • LED lumen: 1665
    • ANSI FL-14 lumen: 1348

Beam Profile

  • Single CREE XM-L2 U2 LED
    • Center lux: 55,200
    • Center spot angle: -°
    • Spill light angle: -°
    • Beam distance: 513 yards / 470 meters

  • Triple CREE XM-L2 U2 LED
    • Center lux: 20,700
    • Center spot angle: -°
    • Spill light angle: -°
    • Beam distance: 314 yards / 287 meters

Other LED options

  • Single CREE XM-L2 T6 (Neutral White)
  • Triple CREE XM-L2 T6 (Neutral White)
  • Osram Platinum Dragon 850nm Infrared (IR) LED
  • Osram Platinum Dragon 940nm Infrared (IR) LED
  • LEDengin 365nm 5W UV LED
  • LEDengin 395nm 5W UV LED
  • Edison opto 395nm UV LED


  • Impact resistance waterwhite glass lens
  • Anti-reflective (AR) coating on both sides


  • C3500 current regulated circuit
    • Efficiency: up to 95%


  • Smooth aluminum reflector


  • HAIII hard anodization aerospace aluminum


  • IPX-8 standard

Output and Runtime

  • Three brightness levels
  • Single XM-L2 U2
    • Led lumen: 1200/674/342/106/8
    • ANSI FL-1 lumen: 1020/573/290/90/7
    • Runtime: 1.5/3.9/9/30/180+
  • Triple XM-L2 U2
    • Led lumen: 1665/750/348/99/6
    • ANSI FL-1 lumen: 1348/607/282/80/6
    • Runtime: 1.6/4/9/30/180+
  • Seven hidden auxiliary outputs
    • Strobe I/Strobe II/Flash/S.O.S.(fast)/S.O.S./Flash(low)5


  • Basic
    • Turn on the light by rotating the ring on the head clockwise. It starts with the lowest output and continue to increase the brightness output all the way to the highest output as you turn the ring.
    • To switch to lower output, rotate the ring counter-clockwise. Turn off the light with the ring turned (counter-clockwise) all the way until it stops.
  • Advanced
    • To access hidden auxiliary modes, starting with the highest output setting (100%), dial the ring from 100% to standby, and back to 100% for strobe (AUX0). Repeat to access next auxiliary mode.


Carrying method

  • paracord lanyard with detachable lanyard holder
  • Heavy duty nylon holster w/ flip

Other features

  • User replaceable glass lens
  • Tail stand ability


Battery Safety Precaution

All EAGTAC flashlights are designed to use “button-top?battery (battery with protruding positive terminal). For rechargeable li-ion battery, use only EAGTAC li-ion battery, or other protected li-ion battery with compatible length and diameter. Before using the battery, check and ensure the battery outer wrapping (the isolating plastic film that wraps around the metal housing of the battery) is complete. Broken battery wrapping may lead to short circuit and damage to the flashlight.

Lithium and Li-ion battery can explode or cause burns if disassembled, shorted, or exposed to high temperature. Do not mix new and used batteries. Do not mix batteries with different brand, capacity, voltage, or install batteries backwards.

NiMH rechargeable battery may release gas during discharge. If you experience an inflated switch boot or find high pressure being built inside the flashlight, switch off the flashlight immediately. Slowly loosen the tail-cap to reduce the internal pressure and replace all batteries.     Back to top

Flashlight Maintenance

Periodically clean the threads and o-rings with a lint free cloth and apply a thin coating of EAGTAC synthetic grease to the o-rings and threads. After prolonged exposure to moisture, the head and batteries should be removed, inspected, and dried. Do not touch or attempt to clean the reflector, as it will scratch the reflective coating permanently.     Back to top

  1. Weight excluding battery. This is the weight of the M3C4, with single XM-L2 LED.
  2. All batteries must have protruding top button. All rechargeable li-ion batteries (e.g. RCR123A and 18650) should be equipped with internal protection circuit against over-charge,over-discharge, and short circuit.
  3. Beam output diameter taken at one meter
  4. ANSI FL-1 Lumens is a measurement of light output standardized by American National Standards Institute for use with flashlights. This ANSI Lumen measurement is the total overall light output being emitted from the flashlight. This measurement is generally more accurate as it takes into consideration the loss from reflector/lens/bezel. EAGTAC’s ANSI Lumen output is measured using a calibrated integrated sphere three minutes after turning on the flashlight. For O.T.F. lumen, measurement is taken one minute after turning on the flashlight.
  5. Frequency: Strobe-100%-9Hz, Flash-100%-1.7Hz