MX25L2 Turbo

The not-so-bare essentials.

MX25L2 Turbo - high performance 2x32650 duty flashlight.

Supreme handling

The CNC precisely cut and rolled square-shape knurling provides a sure grip throughout the entire flashlight body. The super compact size and light traveling weight make it very handy to operate, even with one hand. It also allows tail-stand for ceiling bounce.

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Built-in rechargeability

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Secondary LED indicator & Battery

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Button switch and twisty head

Signal switch

MX25L2 Turbo uses durable signal switch that is rated with 500,000 cycles of operating life. No current goes through the on/off switch translate to high efficiency, reliable switch mechanism, quiet and sparkless operation. The twisty head uses reliable mechanical spring loaded nodes to detect body movement for brightness and output adjustment.

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Smart head design.

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Flat tailcap

The MX25L2 Turbo comes with a flat tailcap for
tail-standing ability. User can also attach
lanyard to the back of the tailcap securely.