DX3B Clicky

  • 2500 LED lumen powered by XHP50.2 K2 LED
  • Five brightness levels + hidden AUX modes; Programmable start-up level
  • Instant MAX/MIN output (programmable)
  • Side switch + tactical forward clicky on/off tailcap switch
  • Micro-USB 1A fast charging
  • Tail strobe feature
  • Charing level and battery level report
  • Includes protected 18350 li-ion battery (10A)
  • 185 yards / 170 meters maximum beam distance
  • Up to 0.45 hrs on MAX output, 85 hrs on low output


Additional information


CREE XHP50.2 K2 Cool White LED

Max output

2500 LED lumen / 1850 ANSI lumen

Center lux @ 1 meter

7200 lux

Beam distance

185 yards / 170 meters

Output levels

2500-1580/1180/430/150/15 LED lumen / 1850-1280/970/360/125/12 ANSI lumen


0.2-0.4/0.55/2/6.3/75 hours

Battery Type


Battery included

Built-in rechargeable

Operating voltage

2.7V – 4.2V

Battery requirement

Control Type

Hidden auxiliary outputs

Disorienting Strobe / Beacon (1.67Hz)

Body Diameter

0.85 inches (22 mm)

Head Diameter

0.9 inches (22.5 mm)


3.8 inches (98 mm)

Weight w/ battery

2.8 ounces (80 grams)

Flashlight Body Material

HAIII hard anodization aerospace aluminum


Harden waterwhite glass lens with anti-reflective coating on both side


Smooth aluminum reflector



Optional LED1
LED (1)

CREE XHP50.2 J4 Neutral White LED

Max output (1)

2325 LED lumen /1720 ANSI lumen

Center lux @ 1 meter (1)

Beam distance (1)

Output levels (1)

2325-1470/1100/400/140/14 LED lumen /1720-1190/905/335/120/12 ANSI lumen

Runtime (1)


Optional LED2
LED (2)

CREE XHP35 HD E4 Cool White LED

Max output (2)

2050 LED lumen / 1540 ANSI lumen

Center lux @ 1 meter (2)

9800 lux

Beam distance (2)

216 yards / 198 meters

Output levels (2)

2050-1350/1050/430/140/15 LED lumen / 1540-1095/865/360/120/12 ANSI lumen

Runtime (2)

0.25-0.45/0.65/2.2/7.5/85 hours

Optional LED3
LED (3)

CREE XHP35 HI E2 Cool White LED

Max output (3)

1900 LED lumen / 1425 ANSI lumen

Center lux @ 1 meter (3)

16900 lux

Beam distance (3)

283 yards / 260 meters

Output levels (3)

1900-1230/950/380/125/13 LED lumen / 1425-980/760/305/100/10 ANSI lumen

Runtime (3)

0.25-0.45/0.65/2.2/7.5/85 hours

Picture gallery: Download
User manual: Download


How to use?

Basic operations:

  • Turn on the light at MAX output by pressing the tailcap button until it clicks.
  • Turn on the light at lowest output (programmable) by holding the side switch button while pressing the tailcap button until it clicks.
  • For momentary on function, slightly press the tailcap button
  • To switch between different brightness levels, press the side button switch w/ flashlight on
  • To enter hidden auxiliary mode, press the side switch to cycle through two sets of standard output level to enter


Advanced operations:

  • Programmable start-up feature: To program the lowest output start-up level to any other level, press the hold the side switch for at least five seconds at other output level to set it as the start-up output level.
  • Tail strobe feature: Turn the flashlight on and off 20 times (one second or less between each click) to toggle this feature. With the tailcap strobe setting enabled, a double press of the switch button (within one second) will activate the strobe output.



  • Remove the waterproof silicon cap, insert the charging power plug, and turn on the flashlight tailcap switch to charge.
  • Blue side LED indicates the battery is being charged. It reports charging percentage by blinking.
  • When charging is done, remove the charging power plug and turn off the flashlight tailcap switch (wait for a few seconds to let the flashlight circuit to reset itself from charging lock-out status to normal status).
  • When forcing the flashlight to start in high output mode using depleted battery, flashlight will blink to warn user that the battery is unable to keep up the high power input demand. User should switch to lower output and charge the battery as soon as possible.