• 3100 LED lumen powered by 3 * Osram KP CSLPM1.F1 Cool White LED
  • Five brightness levels, three AUX modes, programmable startup
  • USB / CAR fast charging
  • Instant on at MIN/MAX level
  • Instant strobe output
  • Multi-function dual head switch buttons
  • Includes protected 2*32650 li-ion battery pack (13Ah)
  • 801 yards / 735 meters maximum beam distance
  • Up to 3.3 hrs on MAX output, 320 hrs on low output



Additional information


3 * Osram KP CSLPM1.F1 Cool White LED

Max output

3100 LED lumen /2500 ANSI lumen

Center lux @ 1 meter

135,000 lux

Beam distance

801 yards / 735 meters

Output levels

3100-1430/1430/690/195/25 LED lumen /2500-1145/1145/560/160/20 ANSI lumen


1.3-3.3/3.4/7.5/33/320 hours

Battery Type

Battery Pack 3.7V 32650*2

Battery included


Built-in rechargeable

Operating voltage

2.7V – 4.2V

Battery requirement

Control Type

Hidden auxiliary outputs

Disorienting Strobe/Beacon (1.67Hz)/S.O.S.

Body Diameter

1.5 inches (37 mm)

Head Diameter

2.4 inches (62 mm)


9.6 inches (224.2 mm)

Weight w/o battery

12 ounces (353 grams)

Weight w/ battery

23 ounces (649 grams)

Flashlight Body Material

HAIII hard anodization aerospace aluminum


Harden waterwhite glass lens with anti-reflective coating on both side


Triple smooth aluminum reflector in smooth coating



Optional LED1
LED (1)

Max output (1)

Center lux @ 1 meter (1)

Beam distance (1)

Output levels (1)

Runtime (1)

Picture gallery: Download
User manual: Download


How to use?

Basic operations:

  • Turn on the light at MAX output by pressing the BLACK button switch.
  • Turn on the light at LOWEST (programmable) output by pressing the WHITE button switch.
  • To turn off the light anytime, press and release the BLACK button switch.


Advanced operations:

  • To program the startup output level, switch to the desired output level and continuously pressing and holding the button for three seconds until the side LED turns on.
  • (Flashlight w/ programmable feature) In rare occasion user may experience the absence of lowest output level from a brand new purchase. If this is case, set the programmable startup level once will initialize the memory setting and will take care of this issue once and for all.
  • For MAX output momentary on, press and hold the BLACK button switch for immediate output.
  • To switch between different brightness levels, press and release the WHITE button switch when the flashligh is on.
  • To enter hidden auxiliary levels, cycle through at least two cycle of regular output.
  • For instant MAX output – at any output level, press and hold the BLACK button switch. Release the button to return to previous level.
  • For instant Strobe output – at any output level (even) off), double press and hold the BLACK button switch. Release the button to return to previous level (or off).



  • Remove the waterproof silicon cap and insert the charging power plug to charge.
  • Blue side LED indicates the battery is being charged. It reports charging percentage by blinking.